Who Me, Asks Murdoch?

It increasingly is becoming obvious the liberal SOCIALIST media is out to get the champion of most decent humans who seek peace, prosperity and continuation of Capitalism. James Murdoch, that paragon of honesty and virtue continues to be questioned about phone hacking done by reporters who worked for the former News of the World. I simply do not understand how an editor or publisher should be help responsible for what reporters do in their job. It’s akin to blaming President Obama for Secret Service behavior.

James Murdoch ran the News of the World, or should we say, that he hired people to do the running. Yes, there were examples of phone hacking and a few other questionable actions, but they were directed against Muslim-loving Socialists who want to destroy Western civilization. So, what is wrong about phone hacking terrorists and those who support LIBERALISM?

The Murdoch family has brought into American homes such wonderful family oriented programs such as Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. OK, so they cut corners, but it is all done in the name of saving Christian civilization from those MUSLIMS! Murdochs know that lying in the defense of freedom is the right type of lying. So, up with Murdoch, up with lying, and up with ruining the lives of innocent people. Who told them to be  innocent??