Who Needs Government?

We have now entered the era of less government and less work for those who seek work. The sequester period of American history is now with us. The effect is clear, less money and fewer government employees to serve the needs of this nation. Of course, if there is another Hurricane Sandy the folks who gave us a smaller government will be first in line for government assistance as homes and streets collapse under the strain of nature displaying its full fury. A few months ago Republican Governor Chris Christie opposed participation in the Affordable Health Act, but now he rushes to join the crowd seeking federal money.

The Affordable Health Act means billions of dollars for states and thousands of jobs for those in states accepting the money. One by one Republican governors who insisted they would never participate, are participating. We do not need policeman until someone robs us or enters our home. We do not need government research until a scientist discovers a way to reduce cancer. Of course, she used federal money to finance the discovery, but, since I have cancer, I WANT BIG GOVERNMENT!