Who Pays Debts?

There is scant doubt the United States is entering a new era in dealing with its financial issues. Several United Senators who are not with the Tea Party are beginning to claim there is nothing wrong with paying “some bills” and not paying “other bills.” Senator John McCain warned his Republican colleagues that such talk is creating anxiety within the business community. President Obama talked with House Speaker John Boehner who again demanded the end of funding for “Obamacare” if the president wished to have the government continue as is. Obama made clear his health bill would proceed to be implemented and there would not be any discussion about its end. A madness has descended upon Washington as new discussions switch from the rantings of a few to the demands of a significant minority.

What then is the new world of politics? A law is passed, it is declared illegal. A group of fifty members of the House of Representatives declares that unless the law ceases, money for the Armed forces will not be allocated. Sorry for using the Armed forces, we all know that money for poor children could be cut or fnancing for bridges set to collapse can be ended but never, never reduce spending on the military.

It is the Age Of Insanity in Washington D.C.