Who Really Is Raymond Davis?

The plot thickens in the strange case of Raymond Davis, and American working in Lahore, Pakistan, who claimed he was threatened by two men on motorcycles while driving to work and had to shoot them. The United States claimed he acted in self defense and was a member of the diplomatic staff so he had immunity against prosecution. However, there is now new evidence. When Pakistan police searched his car they found multiple weapons, cell phones, infrared lights and other gear which suggests he was more than a member of the diplomatic staff. Mr. Davis is a former member of Special Forces who left the army in 2003 and has worked for a company known as Hyenon LCC which has a contract to work with the US Consulate in Lahore, Pakistan. He supposedly is working on security issues, whatever that is. Pakistan police are convinced Davis is a CIA agent and the shooting was not self defense. “It went way beyond what we define as self defense.”

It now turns out there are two descriptions of the role of Mr. Davis for the Consulate. He was originally described as “as an employee of the US Consulate” and a “holder of a diplomatic passport.” However, he was also described as a “member of the administrative staff and technical” assistant.

Who is Raymond Davis?