Who Really Is The Party Of Populism?

Republicans and Tea Party advocates claim the mantle of populism by noting their ideas represent the voice of the people expressing their disdain for big government. The word, “populist” derives from the Populist movement of the 1890s. Since few, if any, Tea Party supporters have the slightest knowledge of American history, they fail to grasp their ideas about “the government” are the exact opposite of those desired by the Populist Party. The Populist party’s goals included passage of an income tax amendment to the Constitution, federal government regulation of Big Business, laws to protect workers and to end child labor, and, they wanted to control bankers. As far as I can tell, Rush and Glenn and Bill and Sarah express the exact opposite ideas from those of Populists.

It is too bad we have yet to invent time machines because if they were available, Sarah Palin could zoom back in time and meet Mother Jones who would rip this hypocrite and defender of Big Business into tiny little pieces. Sarah, you just ain’t no Mother Jones.