Who Runs US Government?

Once upon a time in the history of the United States of America when we  had an army or navy or air force which supposedly conducted our military efforts. There were generals and admirals and a Chief of Staff to help coordinate all military efforts. That was then, then there is today. Under the administration of the great military leader, George Bush, things sort of changed. After all, Vice President Dick Cheney had received seven draft deferments during the Vietnam war since, as  he put it, “I had better things to do.” George Bush spent the war in a nice place in Georgia or Texas since dad really did not want to get him killed. These were the men who created a new armed force–the CIA!

President Hamid Karzai is not among the great military leaders of our time, but even he understands there can not be several armies wandering around Afghanistan fighting the same enemy. His National Directorate of Security, (NDS) works with the CIA and its special army of 3,000 to fight the
Taliban. No one  knows who is in charge, welcome to the modern American armed forces.