Who Said What About Anything In N. Korea?

For some reason there are people in the United States who enjoy hiking on the borders of nations with whom their country has strained relations. Not only do they hike, but they enjoy getting as close to the border as they can, if not actually walking into North Korea or Iran. Two American journalists, Laura Ling and Euana Lee, wandered into North Korea and found themselves in a courtroom where they were sentenced to years in a labor camp. Fortunately for them, former president Bill Clinton and his sidekick, Al Gore, hopped on a plane and went to North Korea where they negotiated the release of the two women.

North Korean leader, Kim Jong il has been completely erratic the past several months. Perhaps, it stems from his failing health or it could simply be a plan of action to create turmoil which would result in other nations catering to his whims. The state-run news agency of North Korea insists Clinton apologized, he insists no apology was given. North Korea claims Clinton brought a message from President Obama, but Bill insists all he did was use his charm to persuade the head nut case of North Korea to free the women.

By the way, what exactly is the problem with making an apology or bringing words from the president of the United States? Ah, the crime of “weakness!”