Who Said What??

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has a few problems on his hands stemming from attempts to crack down on those who dare to oppose his views on a multitude of issues, particularly those dealing with human rights. His police just ended a female protest in Gezi park which has been the source of numerous protests. Erdogan claimed he made clear to President Obama in a recent conversation that the source of his problems has nothing to do with any actions on his part, but arise from activities of Fethullah Gulen who resides in Pennsylvania and has instructed his supporters in Turkey to spy on him and tap his phones and reveal that he has been engaged in some rather unusual activities that might be construed as illegal.

Erdogan informed the Turkish media: “I told Obama that the person responsible for the movement in Turkey lives in your country inn Pennsylvania. I told him clearly, I said:’I expect what’s necessary to be done. You have to take the necessary stance if someone threatens my country’s security.’ He responded”‘ we got the message.” The White House released a statement that “the response attributed to President Obama with regard to Mr. Gulen is not accurate.”

Sorry, Prime Minister Erdogan, the ball is in your court to end tyranny in Turkey.