Who Shot Who In Lahore??

The story of who shot who in the wild lands of Lahore is still up for grabs. A week ago, Raymond Davis, who works for the US Embassy, was on his way to work. Stop here. Up to this point we all agree he left his home and was going some place. Davis insists he was driving his car when two men on motorcycles came up to his car, pointed pistols at him, and being a God fearing American, he took out his gun–issues in accordance with NRA regulations, and began blasting away at the two thugs. Davis insists they had pistols pointed at him. The US Embassy claims they have eye witnesses who will swear they saw guns pointed at him, the Pakistan police insist they have eye witnesses who say no weapon was pointed at Davis. Raymond Davis is a former member of the Army Special Forces so we assume he knows how to fire a weapon. He insists the bullets hit the men in the front, the initial autopsy says both men were twice hit in the back and later changed it to being hit three times in the back.

At this point, no one agrees with anything being said by the other side. Pakistan wants to try Davis for first degree murder, the US just wants to get Davis out of the country as soon as possible. How about bringing in NCIS and let them do the research on the bullets. Or, we could have Pakistan create a PNCIS and let them do it.