Who Us? Asks Wal-Mart??

Wal Mart is an organization which cares for people. It desires to offer quality goods at low prices and, if in this effort, small business concerns bite the dust, so be the price of progress-and profit. A fire ripped through a factory in Bangladesh and in the course of this conflagration 112 people were burned to death. Wal-Mart insists the Tarzreen Fashions Ltd.  factory was not producing goods for its stores, but apparently  a supplier sub-contracted work from that factory. Actually, over 300 people over the past few years have died in Bangladesh factory fires.

Wal-Maert informed the world: “the fact that this occurred is extremely troubling to us..” Of course, the owners will escape any puishment, Wal-Mart will find another supplier who supplies goods produced by workers earning minimal wages and Wal-Mart profits will not drop one cent. The bottom line for this company is -PROFIT. Wal-Mart underpays workers in the US  so why is it surprising they underpay in Asia??

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