Who Violates What?

About twenty years ago the Palestinian Authority and the nation of Israel signed an agreement known as the Oslo Accords which supposedly set both parties on the road to a peace agreement. Time has passed. Palestinian leaders like Yasser Arafat turned down possible solutions, Palestinian leaders like President Abbas turne down solutions and Israel leaders for twenty years catered to the desires of right wing fanatics and  religious zealots in order to sabotage any and all opportunities for peace. During this time period the number of Jewish settlers on the West Bank has selled ten fold and thus it is now more difficult to find a compromise.

The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is furious at an announcement by the Palestinian Authority that it will proceed asking the UN to accord it “non-member state” status. Israel insists this violates the Oslo accord. Of course, allowing thousands of Jewish settlers to take land from Palestinians on the West Bank also vioaltes the Oslo agreement. Israel now threatens retaliation for this act.

The Israel  government fears that if Palestine is recognized as a non-member state” it allows them to ask the International Criminal Court to investigate alleged human rights violations by its government. President Obama asked President Abbas not to proceed because it damaged efforts at peace.

Huh? The Netanyhu government has sabotaged every opportunity for peace. All they have to do is CEASE allowing more settlements on the West Bank unitl an agreement is reached. They are NOT asked to remove the settlements, just hold off for a few months while efforts are made to reach an agreement.

The ball is in the court of Israel if it wants peace.