Who Was That Man I Saw You With?

Two men went for a walk. It was a pleasant day and they were wearing casual clothes. As they strolled the two chatted about life and events, on occasion they broke into laughter at what the other said, and it appeared to any passing stranger the two were having an enjoyable time. But, alas, we live in the era of bloggers and photographers who observe each and every move made by a member of the government or those who are celebrities. A photographer took a picture of Foreign Secretary William Hague enjoying this walk with a friend, Christopher Myer. Within a day, the media exploded with charges that Hague was gay because he was having a gay time with a younger man. God forbid that he went for a walk with a young man. Mr. Hague is happily married, but once the photo was taken, it meant that his marriage was in trouble.

I guess we should begin to more closely watch who walks with whom. I have noticed that Barack Obama is constantly in the presence of Larry Summers and a few other MALE members of his Cabinet. Then again, I once saw a picture of him with John McCain. Hmm…

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