Whom Does God Favor In UK Election?

It is unfortunate that we humans do not have a telephone hookup to Heaven in order to check with God concerning His(or Hers) preference in elections down on Earth. Of course, most American and British conservatives are convinced that God’s preference is for those who have rather than for those who have not. Prime Minister Gordon Brown running for re-election, has decided after discussing the issue with God that he is now allowed to make clear the God preference in the upcoming Parliament election. He told his opponent, David Cameron, “how can it be a priority to give people who already have so much? It’s not God helps people who help themselves, it’s God helps people whom he has already helped. That’s their(Conservative) motto.”

I contacted my local Tea Party section and was told it is talk like Brown’s comment which foster SOCIALISM and result in national decline. After all, the western world knows it was thanks to efforts of bankers, hedge fund manager, and anyone working in the financial area that we avoided a complete collapse of our economies. I believe God blesses the rich, if you don’t believe me just contact the American Tea Party.