Why A Supporter Of Israel Can Not Vote For McCain!

In 2001, when George Bush became president of the United States, the Iranian government was surrounded by two powerful enemies– Iraq and Afghanistan. Given its precarious position, Iranian leaders had to be careful because if either of its enemies formed an alliance with the United States it would place Iran in a vise. During the American invasion of Afghanistan, reform President Khatami provided support to US forces who were destroying his enemy. There are numerous reports which indicate Khatami offered the Bush administration a peace proposal under which Iran would recognize Israel, cease arming terrorist organizations, and cooperate on nuclear energy. The Bush administration refused the offer.

No content with destroying a major enemy of Iran, Bush(supported by John McCain) launched the crazy invasion of Iraq which wiped out Iran’s other enemy. In other words, Iran now is free to act independently because it no longer has enemies on its border. This makes the situation of Israel MORE dangerous, not less dangerous. Israel could have resolved its issues with Palestinians if not for failed Bush-McCain foreign policy decisions.

There were no terrorists in Iraq prior to the Bush invasion(supported by McCain). If not for Bush, Israel would not have to deal with the presence of thousands of terrorists on its border. How many thousands of new terrorists have been recruited due to failed Bush-McCain Middle East policies?

One must recognize the possibility of a President Sarah Palin if McCain is elected. how would the Middle East be safer with a moron in charge of the United States of America? The worst nightmare for Israel is having this incompetent boob leading the United States.

A basic question to pose is–“Is Israel safer today than it was in 2001 when Bush took over”?