Why America Fights In Afghanistan?

Among the reasons former President  George Bush gave to justify invading Afghanistan was to end violence by the Taliban against females who were denied education and basic human rights. An Afghan woman named, Gulnaz, was sentenced to jail for the moral crime of being raped. After all, in the free and democratic land of Afghanistan which no longer is terrified by the Taliban women go to jail for  being raped. She had the child of the rapist while in jail and was urged to marry the rapist when he got out of jail. One must admit, the rapist DID go to jail.

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission reports 1026 cases of violence against women during the second quarter of 2011. At this pace, such cases will exceed 3500 by the end of the year. Last year there were 2700 cases.

I assume American and NATO soldiers now know why they are fighting in Afghanistan.