Why America Must Elect Mitt Romney

I am known as a man who opposes Mitt Romney and the Republican party, but after considerable soul searching have come to realize the American people must elect Mitt Romney. Let me offer reasons for supporting Mitt, the man.

1. An Obama election will seriously disappoint those with wealth and this will result in lower sales for yachts, for million dollars rings and cars costing over $100,000. How can America economically recover if these items are no longer selling?

2. Due to Republicans, the American people have a special hotline to God. Elect Obama and the big guy in the sky will turn his attention to Muslims.

3.  I fear the Koch brothers will be upset and think about all that money that will not be spent at ad companies? They will have to lay off people.

4. Mitt would never get a chance to prove that you can cut government expenses, reduce tax rates and spend another $1 trillion without increasing the national debt. Mitt deserves a chance to prove that he is right and economists are wrong!

5.  Mitt also needs to prove for once and for all that if you cease giving poor folk food stamps and other luxuries they will finally get back to work in the peach and apple fields of our nation.

6. I know some misguided military people are worried about a new war in the Middle East if we bomb Iran, but Mitt understands such a war will lead to an increase in the American armed forces, reduce unemployment and get people back to work! OH, so a few will die, but it will not be the child of a wealthy person so who cares?

7. If we end Obama care that means 35 million people will lack health insurance. This will result in a boom for Emergency Rooms, more jobs, and more deaths which means less money being spent on food stamps!

8. Women will return to the good old days of going to a back room and getting an abortion. Women will  return to the good old days when what hubby said was right, this alone will lower divorce rates.

9. And,rapists will be able to do God’s work without interference from government. And,this will end violence against women by aborting babies.

So vote for Mitt and save America from atheists, fornicators, do-gooders and those who hate our nation!!