Why America Needs Donald Trump

I realize there are some liberals who most fear the candidacy of Donald Trump, but the overwhelming majority of Americans need this sterling leader who can take this nation from the brink of economic disaster and put us on the road to financial restructuring. After all, which of the current crop of candidates ever filed for bankruptcy? Donald Trump knows more about going into debt than any man or woman seeking the presidency. As recently as 2009, this brilliant economic genius filed for bankruptcy because his gambling casinos were simply not making enough money. Donald has repeatedly told the American people: “I earned many, many billions of dollars.” Absolutely, and he also has earned billions of dollars because he filed for bankruptcy and his creditors gave him another chance. Isn’t this what America needs–another economic chance? And, who else knows as much about going bankrupt and working himself back to solvency than the man with a large pile of hair on his head? DONALD TRUMP

Look, in 1990, his creditors placed him on a budget that allowed spending only $450,000 a month. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if President Trump placed each and every American family on a budget under which we could only spend $450,000 a month? America has to face reality. We are in debt. We could go bankrupt. So, why not turn to Donald Trump, the master of filing for bankruptcy and winding up with millions. I see the day when President Trump sits down with Chinese leaders and gets them to restructure our debt with them.

If you want to go bankrupt and you want to wind up with $450,000 a month, then vote for DONALD TRUMP!