It is one thing to teach college students about politics, but it is another to lead a nation and be responsible for the lives of 300,000,000 people. From day one of his presidency, Barack Obama did not grasp that a president wears several hats, and all must be worn, sometimes at the same time. For example:

1.  The President is the Chief Executive and responsible for enforcing laws.

2.  The President is the Chief of Foreign Affairs.

3.  The President is the Chief Legislator who proposes laws to Congress.

4.  The President is the Chief of his political party and works for the election of its members.

5.  The President is the Chief Educator who is responsible for educating Americans about the world of politics and foreign affairs.

6.  The President is the moral leader of society.

Barack Obama has never displayed much interest in the election of members of his party. Every Democrat in 2010 needed to be running on a platform that ensured people got jobs. Barack Obama NEVER PROPOSED ANY JOB PROGRAM.

While appearing on a Jon Stewart show President Obama complained the American people did not understand his health care program. BUT, IT WAS YOUR JOB TO EDUCATE THEM ABOUT THE PROGRAM! Instead, Obama allowed Fox News to be the educator.

A moral leader would never have allowed Wall Street speculators and bankers and hedge fund operators to receive money from the Federal government without restrictions on how the money could be used in compensation plans for themselves. A moral leader would have fought for middle class and poor people rights.

The greatest failure of Barack Obama is his complete misunderstanding of politics. He allowed Republicans to become defenders of the American people against Wall  Street! Republicans created the mess and he allowed them to get away with blaming Democrats for their own mess! Obama is simply an inept political leader who should retire back to Harvard.