Why Barack Obama Has No Afghanistan Policy!

Barack Obama ran for the presidency on a platform expressing the view it was necessary to disengage from the war in Afghanistan. President Barack Obama has a foreign policy centered on the need to remain in Afghanistan in order to prevent that nation from sinking into anarchy. Ironically, anyone who lived in the Vietnam War era heard the same rhetoric used in order to justify why American forces had to remain in Vietnam. If they left, was the argument, communism would spread throughout Asia. Fifty years later there is not a shred of evidence anything like that ever happened. The sad aspect of the Obama policy is that it can not even match that of the Taliban in terms of intelligent approaches to win over the people of Afghanistan.

The Taliban has issued a “Code of Conduct” which is centered in “protecting the people” of Afghanistan. Taliban leaders are cutting off close ties with al-Qaeda in order to distance themselves from foreign connections. They also cleverly work to have good relations with Iran and Pakistan in order to avoid opening possibilities for those nations becoming bases against their forces. The Taliban goal is clear–create a Sunni Muslim government that will support Sharia laws as the base of government. In order to accomplish that goal, the Taliban are reaching out to conservative tribal leaders.

So, how does the Obama policy of sending more and more foreign troops into Afghanistan offer a possibility the government of President Karzai will emerge as a more popular leader than Taliban leaders?