Why Can’t We Export Abusive Idiots?

I recently read a story about a Copenhagen council which “exported” a family whose husband and wife had been abusing their children and it occurred to me society should also have the right to export abusive individuals. After all, exports of idiots does not show up on our exported products so if we got into exporting people it would open a new aspect of our export trade. For example:

1. We could export Sarah Palin to the wilds of Canada where she would live off her hunting for animals. In return, Canada could export to us some of its excellent ideas about health care insurance.

2. We could export Glenn Beck to the slums of Mexico City where he could draw lines on the streets showing the location of where drug lords live. I am certain he would be worth a ton of marijuana to be used by a hospital.

3. We could export the head of the Tea Party to England where he would explain why American rebels rose against the English government even though they had the highest standard of living and just about every freedom. In exchange, the UK would send America a few cases of tea.

4. We could export Rush Limbaugh to France where he would be able to explain why socialism is ruining their lives. Heck, they can retire at 62. In return, we receive a boat load of French fries.

5. We could export Christine O’Donnell to Transylvania where she could live in the ancient castle of Count Dracula. In return, we receive a box of chocolate covered common sense from Romania.

6. We could export Barack Obama to a gorilla camp in Kenya where he would live with his relatives. In return, the gorillas send us a white skinned gorilla to be our president.