Why Czech Republic Needs Rush Limbaugh!

It is quite clear people in the Czech Republic have been brain washed by the liberal media and Socialist spies who spread lies among innocent populations in order to further the ends of the International Big Business Communist Jewish Conspiracy(BBCJC)that seeks to make the world believe there is such a thing as global warming. Imagine, 80% of the gullible people of the Czech Republic actually believe there is such as thing termed, “global warming,” and, even worse, they blame human actions for this alleged problem. The BBCJC was created by a group of Jewish Rabbis in a graveyard on the border of Germany and France with the goal of twisting minds of humans into believing such things as global warming, the existence of child labor, and, believe it or not, that homeless people actually are present in society!!

There is only one hope for the ignorant people of the Czech Republic–bring Rush Limbaugh to your television stations so he can report the truth, and nothing but the truth. At the same time, you might persuade Sarah Palin to come to the Czech Republic by telling her your nation lies to the west of Alaska and you are desperate for an honest, intellligent prime minister. She would not know the difference between a prime minister of governor so just let her know being prime minister comes with a budget for buying clothes and each member of her family, from the grandchild up, gets a new rifle each year– with free bullets.