Why Did America Defeat Taliban In 2001?

As i recall, in 2001, President Bush cited as among the reasons for invading Afghanistan, the terrible record of the Muslim fanatics toward issues of women rights. Hamid Karzai, the man we essentially installed as president of Afghanistan, signed into law a new piece of legislation which forbids women from leaving their house without the husband’s permission. It also allows a man to have sex with his wife regardless of her feelings. OOps, we are not being fair. It says if a woman is feeling bad or having one of those female moments, she can decline the husband’s desire to rape her. The new law also grants custody of children to the husband or the grandfather.

Shinkai Karokhail, like other female members of the legislature, complained the bill was pushed through rather rapidly, with limited debate and all of its provisions have not been made public. Karzai signed the bill last month, undoubtedly in his attempt to curry favor among Muslim fundamentalists. Westerners are not loudly protesting, oh well, Karzai is among the “good guys” and when he behaves like a member of the Taliban, we just excuse away his behavior as we have his corruption and incompetence.

Say, why DID we invade Afghanistan?