Why Do Governments Suppress The Truth?

The year was 1979 and Blair Peach, a human rights activist from New Zealand was protesting racism during a demonstration in the United Kingdom. During a confrontation with police, one of the policeman smashed his baton onto the head of Peach and killed him. An inquiry was established to investigate the death of Peach, but its results were kept secret not only from the public, but to his family. Thirty years later, Sir Paul Stephenson ordered release of the 30 year old report because there was no reason any government could offer an argument about security or endangering anyone. His family and loved ones will finally learn who was responsible, but it is doubtful if they will ever learn why it took 30 years to get at the truth.

All governments at some point yell “security” as justification for suppressing embarrassing information. Perhaps, President Obama can learn something from this story and allow an investigation into how the US got into the war in Iraq and who authorized torture of human beings.