Why Do Muslim Women Wear A Veil?

A recent decision by the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Mohamed Sayed Tantawi to express misgivings about young girls or women wearing the niqab has stirred up a controversy in Egypt and other Muslim nations. Tantawi told an eleven year old to remove the niqab because she was in an all-girls school and there was no need for hide her face. He also told the media that most Muslim scholars do not find any evidence in the Koran about the need for women to wear a niqab and cover their faces. The Supreme Council of Al-Azhar issues a ban on any teachers or female students to wear the niqab and made clear scholar do not consider it an Islamic obligation. The Minister of Education said women had to remove their niqab on entering a university for security reasons.

Some Al-Azhar officials claim there have been reports that men wear a niqab to gain entry into the university and this is still another reason to ban the niqab. All religions become involved in great debates over minor issues. I suspect God doesn’t care if Jewish or Muslims or anyone wants to cover their heads.

  • Anonymous

    If they want to wear a niqab in Egypt or other Muslim country, fine. This is America and when you can only see the eyes of a person in a store or leaving a store with another partner, who knows what they have been doing and if a crime has been committed, who could possibly identify them? Not in this country, please!