The British establishment is upset at the recent riots and blames poor and oppressed people for violating laws of the realm. BBC shocked many by broadcasting a program dealing with the riots whose headline was: “Is there a problem with black men?” The assumption being riots which shocked London were caused by black skinned men. Films reveal people of all skin colors and all ages rioting in the streets. The initial person arrested was a white person who worked in a school. BBC offered somewhat of an apology by arguing the original headline, “was, in hindsight, too stark and could have been clearer.”

Of course, Prime Minister David Cameron blamed “irresponsible” youth who lacked moral values for causing these riots. He described their actions as “criminal” and violation of law and order. He wanted those arrested to be punished. For some strange reason, the mainly white skinned men and women who robbed millions of their savings and who wrecked the economy are NOT regarded as “criminals.” Not  single one has been sent to jail for their crimes!

Of course, there is no excuse for destroying property of honest men and women. But, it is equally necessary to identify government failures for being A factor in creating a climate for riots. Cutting out programs for young men and women that will enable them to pursue  education and employment is the BEST way to avoid riots.