Why Does Israel Ignore Obama Outreach?

Gabi Sheffer, writing in Haaretz, raises the question as to why the Israel government has refused to accept any ideas from the United States regarding dealing with its conflict with Palestinians. He states bluntly, “the disrespect toward him and his administration is unwarranted, there is no doubt that it is connected to Obama’s ethnic background.” Strong words and they certainly raise questions about why the obstinate refusal to consider what the current American administration is proposing in terms of peace. Sheffer points out what most Israelis today refuse to acknowledge–“Democrats such as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton achieved remarkable accomplishments-brokering peace with Egypt and Jordan.” The newspaper correspondent wonders if the deliberate refusal of the Netnayahu government to evaluate any compromise solution has led to a dramatic drop in interest on the part of the US regarding the current impasse in the Middle East.

One can only wonder if the Netanyahu administration has missed an important opening for peace because of its hostility to interact with honesty and openness to the Obama presidency. Israel should be picking up on recent American efforts to interact with Syria and use that opening as a way of dealing with the problem of the Golan Heights. What exactly does Israel seek in terms of peace other than a peace on its own terms?