I have spent 55 years involved in teaching. I taught 12,000 teachers and at least 3,000 secondary students. Based on my life experiences in education, it is clear the Gates Foundation is wasting its money.

1. Giving money to businessmen who have never taught is akin to asking Michele Bachmann to make an intelligent observation on Middle East policy.

2. Giving money to those who want high test scores may increase test scores but it does not lead to greater learning or thinking.

3. Giving money to people who have never taught children, but believe they know how to teach children is akin to asking Sarah Palin to become president and preside based on ignorance.

4. Giving money prior to identifying 21st century skills and attitudes ensures any result will be based on the prior century.

5. Giving money to people who desire schools their own children would never be allowed to enter is a hypocrisy run wild.

6. Giving money to people who believe they can quantify critical thinking is either the greatest breakthrough in thinking of this century or the greatest blunder of this century.

9. Ditto for people who believe they can quantify creative thinking.

10. If the Gates Foundation was around in 1901 it would support efforts to improve the training of blacksmiths.

11. Billy, before you give another penny, how about teaching high school for a year?

12. Billy, would you allow the people you fund in education to get a job in top management at Microsoft?

13. Giving money to people who lack knowledge about the culture of schools ensures failure.

14. Giving money to people who lack any awareness of how change proceeds in education ensures failure.

15. Establishing “standards” helps mediocre teachers know what is the least work they have to do.

16. Giving money to people who want to establish “standards” ensures they will never support outstanding teachers whose goals are NOT standards, but going beyond them.

17. Giving money to people to identify “outstanding teachers” first requires identifying people who know how to identify people who can identify outstanding teachers.

18. I assume the Gates Foundation lacks awareness there never was a “standard” that I could not manipulate to attain the standard.

I once worked with teachers whose school received money from the Gates people. Neither the teachers nor the students had the faintest idea what the Gates Foundation wanted them to do. Of course, neither did Gates Foundation people know how to implement what they wanted done. I assume stockholders in Microsoft would never allow such waste of their money.