Why HIre A Veteran??

I vividly recall how the end of World War II led to the discharge of millions of men and women who had fought for their country. They were greeted in New York City by local neighborhood block parties and when applying for jobs met nothing but praise and a desire to hire them. Alas, that was then, now is now. A recent study reveals a high percentage of employers hesitate to hire a veteran. Although they acknowledge  those who served may possess leadership skills and good discipline, they are put off by evidence of mental issues and possible future deployment.

There is something rotten in the state of this nation when those who serve encounter such problems in securing meaningful work after discharge. First, there must be an END TO RENEWED DEPLOYMENTS! Second, let us return to a draft and make everyone eligible to serve. Third, we need an Affirmative Action program that protects the rights of veterans.

Employers cited lack of creative thinking as a factor  in not hiring those who were in the military. Huh? Anyone who served in Iraq or Afghanistan spent their months engaged in creative thinking of how to survive!