Why Human Rights Fails In Thailand!

The future of human rights in Thailand is not very bright according to some of the leading fighters for social justice in that nation. Jon Ungphakorn, a noted activitst commented:”The public therefore allows the authorities and the majority to undermine the rights of the minority, wherevcer they are in Thailand.” However, Somchai Homia-or, of the Foundation for Human Rights and Dev elopments, has a slightly different cause of the failure of human rights to take root in his country. He says the problem is embedded in the judicial process which allows abuse of power. “People, as well as human rights defenders, including lawyers, have been alientated and isolated from the judicial system and this was the case in the South where forced disappearances and extra-judicial killings have been rampant.”

There is little doubt many Muslims in southern Thailand feel themselves isolated and marginalized by those in authority who reside in the north. There is little sense of being able to impact the course of events in the Thai government and this allows Muslim militants in southern regions of the nation to continue their rebellion.