Why I Can’t Vote For John McCain

Editorial Of The Week

The primary votes are all in, the concession speeches have all been made and the American people are down to two candidates of diametrically different viewpoints. Senator John McCain continually portrays himself as an outsider, a maverick, a man who has nothing to do with George Bush despite his 90% voting record of support, and someone with experience. John McCain s a decent, brave man, but being an “outsider” is certainly not one of his characteristics. He has loyally supported the Bush administration and has only disagreed with Iraq policy on the grounds it did not allocate sufficient troops for the conflict. Let’s examine the McCain record and ignore, for the moment, that of Bush.

1. John McCain will appoint Supreme Court Justices who are against women rights and who will take a narrower view on individual freedom on grounds of national security. A vote for McCain is a vote to end abortion rights.
2. John McCain has absolutely no health insurance plan other than giving tax breaks. The 45 million people without any form of health insurance are so poor they barely pay any taxes. A McCain health tax break will aid those who ALREADY have health insurance, not those in need.
3. I suspect trying to find evidence John McCain has an economic stimulation plan is as certain to discover as the famous WMD.
4. John McCain will continue appointing conservative anti-worker appointees to federal regulatory agencies and damage the rights of working people.
5. John McCain lacks any “experience” dealing with the Israel-Palestinian conflict and will undoubtedly continue the present failed policies. At least Barack Obama might be interested in seeking a change in such policies.
6. America desperately needs a president who is willing to explore new foreign policy ideas with Iran. John McCain has no interest in such directions, he wants to maintain the present failed status quo via Iran.
7. John McCain, ironically, has refused to support bills that recognize the bravery of America’s fighting men and women such as the Jim Webb GI Bill for the 21st century. McCain wants to force people to remain in the armed forces while the Webb bill allows individuals to make their own choice.
8. John McCain has not supported ideas such as expanding women rights or confronting the need for some form of affirmative action. There is a strong likelihood Obama will transform affirmative action to be based on income rather than race.
9. John McCain is for the first time making sounds about global warming. Unfortunately, there is scant evidence he would act in dramatic ways to confront automobile manufacturers or to cooperate with the world on the tough choices needed today.
10. John McCain would appoint the same type of men and women to the Cabinet as those found in the Bush Cabinet at a time when we need new faces with new ideas.

It would not be difficult to describe ten other reasons not to vote for John McCain.

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    I regularly subscribe and read your blog on MySpace, but this one is really amazing and now a new fave! This is a great post and I whole heartedly agree there are no good reason for me to vote for McCain.