Why I Hate Barack Obama

It is about time someone told the truth about President Barack Obma and why he should not be head of this nation. I submit to a candid worl tghe reasons why I don’t like this man.

He went to Harvard, I didn’t.

He was born in a gorilla camp in Africa.

He hangs around with guys who read books and think they are smarter than a Wal-Mart Associate.

He does not believe what appears on Fox News.

He got us into war in Afghanistan in 2001 when he was posing as George Bush.

He will not personally waterboard terrorists, and prefers it be done by flunkies.

He went on a talk show instead of giving a speech to the Boy Scouts.

He has yet to offer any proof that he did not murder John Lennon.

He has refused to have sex with Sarah Palin.

Neither of his daughters are in the military service and fighting in Afghanistan.

His wife is into obesity instead of allowing people to pig out.

He returns books to the library on the due date.

He doesn’t drink tea which means he is either for the British or the Americans.

He will not appoint Rush Limbaugh as Secretary of State and allows a lesbian to hold that office.

He will not halt the entry of those high tech guys from India who are always creating new companies.

I never see him carrying an American flag when he visits foreign leaders.

He has a tall wife, I have a short one.

He roots for the Chicago Cubs which shows how smart he really is.

He does not know the state song of Texas.

He is a Muslim and does what the Reverend Wright tells him.

Oh, and he is black. Not that I have anything against black folk, some of my best friends are black, not that I’d marry any of them.

  • http://yahoo.com malasia

    okae for you to just judge someone on there past is just str8 up wakc i feel that u just another white man or women that’s going by color yawl just hate to see a blacc man make it in life but that’s you just keep your mean ass complains to your self cuz he made fucc your thought’s