One must occasionally ask the question–Why In America and the World?

Why in America are the people of this land confused about the need for health care?

Why doesn’t anyone in government have the faintest idea on how to solve economic problems?

Why is a man allowed to spend $100 million in order to get elected as mayor?

Why do Israelis ignore the historic Jewish commitment to human rights when the word “Palestinian” is evoked?

Why are Americans more concerned about taxing wealthy people than providing jobs or health care to the poor and middle class?

Why is someone who authorized torture viewed as an elder statesman?

Why do people walk around with big tummies?

Why must a young person avoid seeing a doctor because he lacks the money and has swine flu?

Why are Americans oblivious about global warming and what must be done?

Why do people who believe in the sanctity of marriage oppose marriage when it involves men marrying men or women marrying women?