Why Is Everyone Anti-Murdoch?

It is increasingly obvious there is a vast conspiracy on the part of LIBERAL and SOCIALIST forces to destroy the good name of Rupert Murdoch and God fearing institutions like Fox News. Exactly, what did Murdoch to wrong? His chief executive Rebekah Brooks, is one neat looking gal and just about any guy would want to bed the broad, so she made a few boo boos, what is so wrong about that? Something happened to email accounts, for God’s sake, something always happens to email accounts. So, the police failed to check on reports of News of the World reporters hacking into email accounts. Look, if you are afraid to allow others to examine your email account, one is left wondering–what are you trying to hide! An honest person has nothing to hide, so hack away, read my mail, big deal. Rupert Murdoch stands tall for hacking and smearing and telling lies about politicians, but, please remember, he only does that to BAD people like LIBERALS AND SOCIALISTS! Did he ever expose any lie by Sarah Palin or Michele nutcase Bachmann? Of course not.

I do not understand why Prime Minister David Cameron is distancing himself from his aide, Andy Coulson. Andy is a dandy man who works for a dandy organization which does a dandy job of hacking and sawing into the lives of people. Again, if you have nothing to hide, stop complaining!

I say hail to the chief, King Rupert, the First! Anyway, your highness, if you are looking for someone who would love to hack away for the right price, just check in with me.