Why Is Taiwan-China Cooperation A US Concern?

The recently elected Taiwan government of President Mai Ying-jeou has undertaken efforts to improve its nations relations with China and apparently this has raised concerns in Washington D.C. Taiwan and China signed new agreements to increase flights between the two areas and to allow more Chinese tourists to visit the island. According to Chiang Pin-kung, of the Straits Exchange Foundation, the purpose of the “talks is aimed to create the foundation for cross straits peace.” He added, “there is no need for the United States to worry.”

An issue is why should the United States be involved when two parties seek to improve relations and why must Taiwan reassure the Americans about its efforts to develop an environment of peace with China? There are unconfirmed reports the Taiwan government has asked the United States to hold off on supplying it with billions of dollars worth of military equipment in order to avoid angering China. Is the loss of these sales the reason for America’s concern about peace? After all, the United States is among the world leaders in selling military equipment so there might be people in America who suffer when peace spreads on this planet.

Frankly, Taiwan and China discussions which center on peace should never concern America. It is about time the Bush administration ceased interfering in efforts to bring about peace.