Why Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu Stalls

Sounds of frustration Obama representative George Mitchell can be heard a thousand miles away from the Middle East and it is doubtful if either the president or his envoy will have any other experience than being frustrated. The real issue is why does Israel Benjamin Netanyahu hedge and stall and refuse to offer any thing other than platitudes about his concern for peace? We believe Bibi is stalling until after results come in from November Congressional races which he expects will result in victories for Republican conservatives. If Netanyahu can wait it out and a new crop of ideological Republicans take over Congress they can exert pressure on the president to hold off on getting tough with Israelis. He expects once this occurs to then proceed with settlement construction and condemn President Obama to the dustbin of history.

Mitchell has received more specific feedback from President Abbas who seeks a genuine peace settlement. There will be no progress until November results come in. If Democrats hold their own, Netanyahu will become more receptive to honest negotiations. Until then, frustration is the name of the game.