Why Jews Could Never Plot Any Conspiracy

All my life when I meet people and they learn I am Jewish, they frequently comment how Jews are smart and crafty people who conspire and plot to take over the world . I have read countless “Jewish Conspiracies” on MySpace and Facebook which claim that Jews are behind this or that plot. Where did Christians — and Muslims– get the idea we Jews knew how to pull off any conspiracy? After the latest flotilla disaster, hopefully, this finally puts on end to concern about the Protocols of Zion or any other supposed Jewish plan to do anything. Let’s examine the facts of the supposed intelligent Jews who control Israel:

1. Before the flotilla sailed, the Gaza Strip was being blockaded by both Israel and Egypt.
AFTER, the flotilla was attacked by Israel commandos, Egypt ended its blockade of Gaza.
Score Hamas 1—Israel 0

2. Before the Israel invasion of Gaza, Turkey was a firm ally of Israel.
AFTER, the Gaza invasion and the attack on the flotilla, Turkey is on the verge of ending relations with Israel.
Score Hamas 2 — Israel 0

3. Before the Flotilla sailed, Israel had the support of many nations such as the UK.
AFTER the flotilla was attacked by Israel commandos, the UK PM Cameron blasted Israel.
Score Hamas 3 — Israel -0

4. Before the flotilla sailed there was widespread dislike of Hamas due to its violence.
AFTER the keystone cop commando attack on civilians, people no longer discuss violent Hamas, but discuss violent Israel.
Score Hamas 4 —– Israel –0

5. After Israel Keystone cops who are in charge of the justice system threatened to place on trial those captured, the Turkish government warned of the consequences. The result was Israel once again made a fool of itself and backed down.
Score Hamas 5 —- Israel 0

6. Before the flotilla sailed, Israel authorities said it was bringing in weapons to the Gaza strip.
AFTER Israel officials inspected the cargo they could not find a single weapon except to claim cement might be a weapon.
Score Hamas 6 —— Israel 0

Set, point, match to Hamas.

And, some Jew haters claim Jews are good at planning and plotting!!