Why Michele Bachmann For President

There are increasing signs that Michele Bachmann is considering whether or not to run for the presidency of this great land. We offer reasons why her presence in that office can only serve to make this a greater nation.

1. She does know the location of the Atlantic ocean on a map.

2. She is our best hope to retain our light bulbs rather than allowing the communist flourescent bulb to be forced upon us. If you wamt pt keep the light of our ancestors burning, vote for Michele.

3. If she is elected, communist, socialist ideas like global warming will be put into the frying pan.

4. She was born in America, unlike a certain dark bodied man.

5. She understands the Obama health care plan will allow ill illegal immigrants and the homeless to get free health care which means they will live longer, have more babies and one day take over this great land.

6. She owns a gun and knows how to use it. She is no wimp like that dark bodied guy in the White House.

7. She believes darkies should remain in the dark so you do not have to see them.

8. She understands a woman’s place is in the home raising children unless her name is Michele.

9. She knows that no one can see Russia from St. Paul. Unlike a certain woman from you know where.

10. Some of her best friends are not gay or lesbian.

11. She is the only candidate who understands if the Federal government receive less money it will result in lowering the national debt. And, don’t we all want a lower national debt??

12. Unlike a certain man from Harvard, she does not ruin her mind by reading all those books with big words.