Why Not Privatize The Entire Military?

The lastest episode about the use of Blackwater corporation simply once more reveal the United States has moved from a society in which its citizens rally to support the nation against enemies into a corporate style military in which private contractors make millions while ordinary soldiers make in the thousands. The CIA began using private contractors several years ago for protection reasons, but gradually it expanded into using private soldiers to help fight insurgents. The CIA insists the agency “uses contractors in roles that complement and enhance the skills of our own work force.”

In olden days, they were called mercenaries and Kings hired them to fight a nation’s war instead of using citizens. We Americans historically detested the use of mercenaries, but this is the 21st century, the era of George Bush and Big Business.

I await the end of the American government and its replacement by private industry. Who knows, we might even wind up with health care.