Why Obama Is Failing!

Franklin D. Roosevelt attended Harvard and graduated as a C student. Barack Obama attended Harvard and graduated as an A student. FDR was born to wealth. Barack Obama came from a poor family. FDR understood the importance for a leader of connecting with the needs and fears of Americans. Barack Obama understands the importance of connecting with the needs and fears of bankers and Wall Street types. FDR’s chief aide, Harry Hopkins, was a former social worker, Barack Obama’s chief aide is a man obsessed with always being right. Franklin Roosevelt connected to the American people by speaking clearly in terms anyone could grasp, Barack Obama all too frequently believes he is delivering a paper to be graded by a Harvard professor.

Where has Barack Obama gone wrong? He was correct initially in dealing with the collapsing banking and insurance institutions. FDR initially dealt with banks to ensure their stability. But, within four months after assuming office, FDR had over two million unemployed people working. Within a year after assuming office, Barack Obama has added three or more million people to the unemployed status. Barack Obama failed to address the ISSUE OF JOBS!! An individual without a job CANNOT PAY FOR MEDICAL INSURANCE EVEN WITH GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE. Barack Obama should initially have addressed the issue of jobs. Secondly, he should have confronted the importance of making wealthy people pay higher taxes.

Let me suggest what Obama should have done:

1. Initiate a modern version of the WPA that would get people working.
2. Make giving money to school districts based on their hiring teachers who were no in their employ on December 31, 2008. That would have led to creation of new teacher jobs.
3. Urge legislation that would (a) make illegal denying health insurance coverage based on previous conditions; (b) passed legislation that covered all children under the age of 22; (c) compelled medical facilities to become linked in a national technology program to ensure records could be electronically transfered. These legislative pieces would have passed without any serious problem
4. Pass legislation that compelled any new industries related to global warming to have at least fifty percent of production in America. Push for development of American made solar panels, turbines, etc ..
5. Develop a ten year program that results in every major American city having in place an urban transportation system that would enable them to ban cars in the city, Monday-Friday.
6. Begin a twenty year program to have in place by 2030 high speed trains in every part of America.

It is time for President Obama to recognize his party has an 18 seat majority in the US Senate. Talk and act tough regardless of the consequences.

Many Americans today regard Barack Obama as too close to bankers. During the 1930s, most Americans regarded wealthy born FDR as the enemy of bankers and rich people.!