Why Romney Lost: Inside Story

I am now able to reveal the inside story of how the black man from Africa was able to triumph over a decent white American who was actually BORN in America. My Muslim sources informed me that al-Qaeda organized a massive Blow Job which consisted of millions of Muslims throughout the world blowing at a specified moment in order to generate a massive hurricane that was known as Sandy. Barack Obama knew about this plan and was thus prepared to handle the situation and portray himself as a competent leader.

The election of Obama means  Muslims are now in control of the United States of America. Barack kept a low profile during his  first term, but we can expect in the coming years a more open effort to convert Americans to the Muslim religion. First, we had Sandy, next we will have Helen and thereafter watch for Melissa, the ultimate storm  to end all storms.

Mitt was stabbed in the back by Muslim terrorists who posed as members of the Tea Party. After all, who else are these Tea Party folk but secret agents of al-Qaeda? Who else would put forth such incompetent men to run for the US Senate?