Why The Intensity Of Hate Toward Israel?

Howard Jacobson, writing in the Independent, raises several interesting questions about why is there such intense hatred of Israel among British university protestors and intellectuals in the United Kingdom. I have been fascinated why the level of hate to Jews in Israel far surpasses the hatred directed at those who kill hundreds of thousands of humans. There is something particularly angry and vicious about the manner in which those opposing Israel policies explode in righteous hate when the word “Israel” reaches their lips. I have never seen any demonstrations against the killing of five million people in the Congo which is characterized by hate toward the perpetrators of the killing. In fact, words such as “killing” are employed while killing by the Israel army is termed, “slaughter” or “massacre.” I wonder why.

For years Hamas sent rockets into Israel, and those who express hatred toward Israel argue the rocket attacks were ineffective so there is no reason to become upset at those actions. Actually, Hamas deliberately sent rockets into civilian areas including those which had children and to justify these actions on grounds the rockets were “ineffective” begs the question of what does one say when a group aims rockets at civilian areas? Certainly, the hope of Hamas was to KILL JEWS, not just to fire ineffective rockets.

Mr. Jacobson points out that Cheryl Churchill was quoted as saying “Jewish children are bred to believe in the ‘otherness’ of Palestinians. An interesting observation, particularly from someone who I doubt has ever visited Israeli schools or talked with Israel teachers. How does Ms. Churchill know that hatred toward Palestinians is part of the Israeli curriculum? Of course, in every Muslim nation in the Middle East, teachers preach hatred of Jews and Israel. Every day I read newspapers from the Middle East and the cartoons depicting Jews are vicious and writers boast that young people must believe in the truth of the Palestinian struggle. I am not arguing if the Palestinian view of the struggle is right or wrong, but could Ms. Churchill cite any example in any Arab newspaper where the views of Israelis are presented?

I constantly see placards with slogans about the “Holocaust in Gaza.” There is no Holocaust in Gaza and there never will be one. The Holocaust was a government program aimed at killing every single Jew in Europe with the ultimate goal of killing every single Jew in the world. No Israeli politician, even the foul mouthed Avigdor Lieberman, has ever stated such a goal.

I oppose the Israel invasion of Gaza as I oppose mistakes made by Israeli politicians over the past few years. But, how can anyone just focus on Israel mistakes without commenting about those of demagogic Muslim leaders who would rather see death and destruction than live in peace with Israel?

I must conclude that the intensity of hate toward Israel reflects hidden anti-semitism. How else can one explain the viciousness of the hate toward one country and the absence of such hate toward the murder of 200,000 in Darfur and the expulsion of millions? In Uganda, rebel armies have killed 60,000 people but not one British demonstration has been held at which protestors denounce the Holocaust in Uganda. Why?

  • Ahmed Masri

    I agree.. There are a lot of atrocities being committed all over the world. The focus on Israel is something that goes back centuries. They have caused death and destruction while carrying a stick of moral righteousness that has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many cultures over many generations.

    The Israel issue is one rooted in power and natural resources and not necessarily full the fault of Zionist Jews.

    Read “The Iron Wall” by Avi Shlaim. Very good book.