Why US Fights In Afghanistan!

Over one thousand American soldiers have died in combat while defending the nation of Afghanistan against Taliban terrorists who seek to deny women any form of rights. As anyone who reads stories concerning horrors of life under the Taliban when women were denied the right of education or even being able to leave a house without male permission, it is clear why our troops have fought and died in this land. Of course, today, President Hamid Karzai, the great leader of democracy might have one or two minor problems with honesty in government, but he is a leader of democracy.

Oh, there is a minor incident which has raised issues as to why the heck US soldiers risk their life. A 19 year old Afghan woman is now serving a  ten year prison sentence because she had sex out of wedlock. Oh, it turns out she was raped so it is only natural that she goes to jail for being raped and the rapist is still a free man. Our wonderful democratic believing President Karzai does have a heart. He has agreed to pardon the woman(who had the child of the rapist while in jail) if she agrees to MARRY HER RAPIST!

Now, do our American forces understand why they risk their lives for democracy and freedom in Afghanistan???