Why We Miss Martin Luther King!

I miss the ability of Martin Luther King to foster a sense of community and solidarity among those  seeking social justice. King died in Memphis where he had gone to support a union strike. I find shocking how young Americans who claim to believe in social justice support Ron Paul. Paul opposed virtually every goal of King. Paul opposes right of workers to form unions, he opposes regulation of polluters, he opposes laws to make illegal discrimination in the workplace, he opposes taxation of the wealthy, grants to students so that middle class and poor youth also can attend college. King fought for more than black rights, he supported the African National Congress, the Vietnam war, and was concerned about social justice throughout the world.

We lack that sense of solidarity with people who are oppressed. So many youth are narcissistic and do not believe oppression of people throughout the world must be fought. We live in the “I” society in which a Ron Paul who lacks any connection to social justice is deemed qualified to be president. Martin Luther King would turn over in his grave to think someone who believes in his goal favors the Paulian view of a world in which rich and powerful people have all power!