WhyThe Taliban Win In Afghanistan?

Several years ago, American forces swept through Afghanistan and crushed the Taliban government which fled east to Pakistan. In theory, the departure of the disliked culture denying Taliban was welcomed by a majority of the population. But, apparently, American officials did not grasp the original reason the Taliban were welcomed in Afghanistan was due to widespread dislike of corruption in the government. President Bush soon fell in love with Hamid Karzai and welcomed his assumption of the presidency. Of course, once in power, Karzai and his older brother, Mahmoud Karzai, arrived back in the country from America where he ran a few local restaurants. Within a few years, Mahmoud has become a super wealthy man and has his hands in many pots from which people make money. For executives who have problems getting what they want from the Afghan government, a visit to Mr. Mahmoud Karzai can help pave the way to satisfaction.

The Karzai government is ridden through with corruption which makes it the poster boy for recruiting new members of the Taliban. Until the Karzai boys are forced to leave power, corruption will continue and the Taliban will grow stronger. One of the most important steps President Obama must take is to rid Afghanistan of its corrupt leaders. Can he do that?