Wiki Damage Control

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is flying from one nation to another in order to soften the impact of released secret documents which reveal how American diplomats really thought about other world leaders. I always thought, “the truth shall make you free,” but apparently as far as world leaders are concerned, the truth makes them feel unfree. Leaded documents range from comments about Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his romantic escapades to Saudi King Abdullah who was furious at the Bush invasion of Iraq. He attempted to point out to the morons in the Bush administration by destroying a powerful Iraq they made Iran a dominant nation in the region. Of course, anyone with a simple knowledge of the Middle East understood by invading Afghanistan and Iraq, the US was eliminating two main rivals of Iran. Clinton and Obama are furious that cables in which honest opinions are expressed are now available to the public.

It is so reassuring having a former teacher of Constitutional law as our president. Ironically, Republicans distrust Barack Obama even though he is desperately attempting to protect the reputation of George Bush. We do indeed live in strange times. Wikileaks simply provides additional evidence that we are rapidly moving into 1984.