Wikileaks Aided Al Qaeda?

The case of Bradley Manning continues to haunt the American way of justice since it reveals an arrogant attempt by the American government to silence a crtic. It is simply one further example of former Constitutional professor Barack Obama violating human rights. Manning is responsible for the famous Wikileaks that opened to the world what American diplomats said to one another.

David Coombs, lawyer for Manning, is concerned about the charge that Bradly “aided the enemy.” No evidence has ever been presented how al-Qaeda or the Taliban used Wikileaks to kill or wound any American soldier. As Coombs notes: “It defies all logic I think that a terrorist will farfe bertter in an American court for aiding the enemy than a US soldier would.”

Obama- name the example of when Wikileaks led to deaths. It is one thing to reveal with an ambassador said about a foreign government and another when information is provided the enemy to kill American personnel.