Wikileaks Causes Officials To Leak In Pants!

Wikileaks has created a furor by releasing 91,000 secret documents dealing with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some US officials are so furious they are close to pissing in their pants at the prospect the world will learn how secret forces violated every international law on the books. There is a possibility the documents will identify individuals whose actions, in effect, constituted war crimes. National security adviser, Gen. Jim Jones, lashed out at release of the documents and charged by doing so, it “put the lives of Americans and our partners at risk.” An interesting comment from a government which sends American soldiers into battles in which they have to both look forward and behind them for people who might shoot and kill them. Yes, General Jones is correct, US soldiers are at risk. But, the risk does not stem from release of any papers, but from foolish decisions by former President Bush and his coterie of idiots like Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld who did not have the slightest idea what they were doing in Iraq or Afghanistan. Don’t blame Wikipedia, blame the Bush administration!

The documents reveal what has been known for a long time-that the Pakistan secret service branch, the ISI, is working with the Taliban to plan attacks on US and NATO troops. Why yell at Wikipedia? Why not compel the Pakistan government to either get their military house in order or face the consequences.