Wikileaks Charges – Fairy Tale

The United States has confronted many enemies during the past century, individuals and states that threatend the very existence of our society. Bradley Manning, a private in the US Army, released to the world documents whose viewing by enemy forces would result in death to members of the Amercan military. For example, he showed the world video clips of US Apache Helicopters blasting away at civilians in Iraq including two Reuters correspondents. Bradley’s defense lawyer, David Coombs wants the world to note “there are two reporters there-standing on a street corner and being shot like fish in a barrel.” So, how do these videos aid and assist al-Qaeda?

Actually, Private Manning should receive a medal for uncovering a war crime committed by American soldiers. If uncovering war crimes is a crime, then America should apologize to the people of Germany and Japan for  executing people from those nations who committed war crimes. Today, those who expose are exposed to prison for exposing crimes!