Wikileaks Creating Furor

There are dictators who kill  thousands of people, and they enjoy a visit to Washington of London without fear of being arrested. There is unemployment and hunger in many nations of the world. American soldiers die in Afghanistan or return with severe mental issues. But, what is the  most important issue confronting nations like England and the United States of America– JULIAN ASSANGE AND WIKILEAKS!

Julian Assange who was responsible for Wikileaks, an assortment of  emails from various people including American diplomats commenting on issues or people. The US wants Julian so they can place him on trial for  revealing the truth. He took  refuge in the Ecuador Embassy in London. The British government wants Julian. Ecuador agrees to allow him to be released on condition that he not be sent to the USA. London refuses to make this agreement. Now, the British government is threatening to enter the Embassy and grab Julian.

Actually, the law being cited allows entering an Embassy if there is danger to public  safety or national security. Enough with these childish games.