WikiLeaks Opens Flood Of Fear

As a former member of the United States armed forces I worked at 7th Army headquarters in Germany during the 1950s. I had clearance for NATO secret and thus could access many classified documents. I recall one day being given a lecture about security. Being an obnoxious person, I noted to the major giving the talk that we arrived at work at 7:30 a.m. to find German cleaning women in our office. In open display were maps depicting secret locations of our armed forces in Europe. I am a cynic and doubt that many “secrets” are actually kept secret. Bradly Manning is currently being  tried for the Wikileaks.

I am confused. How could a private gain access to all these “secret” documents? More importantly,  what exactly was secret about what a diplomat said to the State Department? OK, he gave his personal views on some foreigner leaders, is revealing this a crime? US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, just blasted the entire Pakistan ISI –and in public. I guess if Manning had revealed that Panetta was disgusted with Pakistan leaders this would  come as a great shock. Huh?

Government attorneys are fighting to prevent lawyers for Manning to examien “secret” documents. Hogwash, there are no such documents. We are not discussing secret military plans, we are discussing some personal observations. Perhaps, if Panetta two years ago blasted Pakistan leaders, they might not be so angry today. At least they would know American leaders are disgusted.

Stop the farce of the Manning trial. Let all documents come out. I will guarantee that no one will die. Embarrased, but not death.